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Sten Ridderlöfs tack för presenter till Lassas Hagar

TACK för födelsedagspresent – Sten Ridderlöf

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2014 was an active and productive year in the short history (only 35 years) of Arboretum Lassas Hagar (LH). Briefly, except plantation of more than one hundred new exotic trees & shrubs and other regular work in an arboretum, there were several separate projects this year. Although there are no electricity or other modern commodities on the island we have roughly: built two new pavilions, restoration of an old sea-house, made a new roof and veranda in a small house, grubbing up trees in a new property and built a foundation for a house, built a new bed for seeds and made clearance of a wild ugly shrub area for new plantations. The photos below show our projects mostly in time order but you can also imagine that 2014 was a hot and dry summer, not easy for the trees. Last winter we organized us in a small group of volunteers. Leading persons among others have been Bitte Jerling and Åke Pettersson. But all in the group have been very important for the arboretum and its development. Sten Ridderlöf 2015-02-24.