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Born: Jan 21, 1944 in Stockholm

Education & Employment

Pol. Mag. 1970 University of Stockholm
Specialization: Economics

Vice President & Senior Vice President 1970-2003
Postbanken; Pkbanken; Nordbanken; Merita Nordbanken; Nordea Bank

Stockholm: Headquarter 1970-2003
Helsinki: Pkbanken Filial 1991-1992 (part time)

In spare time:

Arboretum & Plant-hunting Expeditions

1. Arboretum – Administration

– Bought private property 1980 in Svartlöga Island, north part of Stockholm Archipelago. Increased the areal 1982 to totally 2.5 hectares. Increased the areal 2007 to totally 5 hectares. Position: N 59˚34̍; E 19˚03̍

– Dig up ponds for making a Water garden (1995, 2005, 2008 and 2011) by connecting 9 ponds.

– Established a private foundation 2005 – Stiftelsen Arboretum Lassas Hagar, Svartlöga by releasing the family property in the island for an arboretum.

2. Arboretum – Plantations

– 1980-1982 started to plant woody species in a very small scale, mainly deciduous trees from Sweden (Swedish term: ädla lövträd) and a handful hardy magnolias.

– 1983-1991 gradually increased plantations of trees & shrubs bought in garden centers like Weibulls in Stockholm and from seeds in the Bergius Garden. Mostly usual blooming cultivars and utility plants.

– 1992-1995 participation in Arboretum Mustila Project ‘Utländska växtarters härdighetsförsök/Ulkomaisten kasvilajien menestymistutkimus’ seed packets for zon 1a led by Director Axel & Professor Peter Tigerstedt in Finland.

– 1992-98 rare plants from Kenneth Lorentzon Garden; Tommy Ahnby Garden; Alnarp Park/Swedish Agriculture University and Gothenburg Botanical Garden/ Björn Aldén. Quite a lot of the plantations were species collected wild in nature or like the magnolias new hybrids and cultivars grown from US-seeds.

– 1997-2012 a gradually increasing number of plantations originate from own collecting trips in North-East Asia, central China and to some extent from Patagonia in the very south of Argentina/Chile. Around 35 % of all plantations of about 1000 in the arboretum are wild-collected from the author or other persons.

– Some foreign botanical gardens and arboreta have been important suppliers of plants or seeds. Tallinn Botanical Garden (seeds 1992); Arboretet – Hørsholm (seeds 1993); Arboretum Mustila (plants 1996); Rogow Arboretum (plants 2005); Beijing Botanical Garden (seeds 2010).

– Some dendrologists and breeders, except already mentioned, have been main suppliers of interesting plants from time to time, Magnus Johnson Sweden, Kjell Lundquist Sweden, Arnold Hannust Estonia, Gennady Firsov Russia and Kaarel Voitk Sweden.

– Especially three societies have been important for their seed lists for our arboretum. Every year since 1992 I have ordered seeds, mainly from unusual magnolias from Magnolia Society International (MSI). Also the Swedish Rhododendron Society and the International Maple Society have risen to many plants

3. Plant-hunting Expeditions

1997 Collecting in Russia Far East, Primorsky Krai in Sep-Oct together with PhD Gennady Firsov, Komarov Botanical Garden, St. Petersburg; Valery Nedoluzjko Director & PhD Ludmila Psjennikova Vladivostok Botanical Garden; Director Elisabeth Öberg Öjebyn.

1998 Collecting in New Zealand, South Island in March together with Director Heiki Tamm, Tallinn Botanical Garden; PhD Warwick Scadden, Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

2000 Collecting in Argentina/Chile, Patagonia in March together with Director Heiki Tamm, Tallinn Botanical Garden.

2000 Collecting in Russia, Kuril Island (Kunashir), Sakhalin and Primorsky Krai in Sep-Oct together with Director Alexander Taran, Sakhalin Botanical Garden (leader); Director Yuri S. Smirnov & PhD Kirill Tkachenko Komarov Botanical Garden, St. Petersburg; PhD Alexandr Prilutskyi Vladivostok Botanical Garden.

2002 Collecting in Argentina/Chile, Patagonia in November together with Director Helge Backlund Stockholm.

2004 Collecting in China, Taibai Shan Qinling Mts. Shaanxi Province in June together with a Group of SLU, Alnarp (Magnus Svensson, Henrik Sjöman and Mårten Hammer).

2007 Collecting in Japan, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku Islands in Oct together with a Group of International Oak Society (Professor Hideaki Ohba (leader), Anke Mattern, Shaun Haddock, Antoine Le Hardy de Beaulieu and Allan R. Taylor among others).

2010 Collecting in South Korea in mainland and islands (Ullung-do) in Sep-Oct together with Professor Chin-Sung Wang Seoul National University; PhD Hui Kim, Mokpo National University and Professor Lenn Jerling, University of Stockholm.

4. Dendrological Excursions or Nature Travelling Tours as a leader outside Europe

2004 Very small collecting in North Korea, Diamond Mts. & Mt. Myohying in May together with a Group of FDP (Ingrid Frisell-Lalin, Katharina Curman and Birgitta Stritzke). Invited by the Swedish Ambassador in Pyongyang, North Korea.

2005 Very small collecting in China, Yunnan Lijiang/Jade Dragon Snow Mts. in April together with PhD. Johan Hyltenstam Stockholm.

2008 Very small collecting in Argentina/Chile, Patagonia in November together with a Group of 20 persons from the Swedish Society for Dendrology and Park Culture (FDP). The author was the travel organizer and guide.

2009 Very small collecting in Argentina/Chile, Patagonia in January together with a group of 6 friends. The author was the travel organizer and guide.

2011 Very small collecting in Japan, Honshu and Shikoku Islands in October together with a Group of 28 persons from the Swedish Society for Dendrology and Park Culture (FDP). The author was the travel organizer and guide.

2014 Medium collection of mainly oak-seeds in Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia USA. Participation in a Group of 22 persons from the Swedish Society for Dendrology and Park Culture (FDP) visiting mountains in New England. Also USNA, Arnold Arboretum and New York Botanical Garden.

5. Active participation in Dendrological Societies

– Vice President in the Swedish Society for Dendrology and Park Culture since 2011 and member of the Board since 1993.

– Member of the Board of the Swedish Rhododendron Society, local group of Eastern Sweden since 2012.

– Member of the Board of the Swedish Rhododendron Society since 2014. Also one of three editors for the magazine RhodondendronBladet since 2014. A mutual publication with the South Swedish Rhododendron Society.

6. Publications

A. Publications concerning Arboretum Lassas Hagar, Svartlöga:

Ridderlöf, S. 1995, SVARTLÖGA – Inför ett skärgårdsarboretum (Starting an arboretum in the archipelago of Stockholm). Lustgården 1995 Årgång 75 pages 47-62 (in Swedish).

Hansson, S., Ridderlöf, S. 2010, Svartlöganyckeln – evolution i expresstempo (A recently formed allotetraploid Dactylorhiza population) Svensk Bot. Tidskr. 104: 353-355 Uppsala, ISSN 0039-646X. English Summary.

B. Publications about Plant-hunting expeditions:

Firsov, G., Ridderlöf, S., Öberg, E., Nedoluzjko, V., Psjennikova, L. 1998, Äventyrlig fröjakt i ryska Fjärran Östern (Adventurous plant-hunting in Russian Far East). Lustgården 1998 Årgång 78, pages 81-92 (in Swedish).

Prilutskyi, A., Voronkova, N., Ridderlöf, S. 1999, Den heliga lotusen från Ussuri (The Holly Lotus from Ussuriland) Lustgården 1999 Årgång 79, pages 87-90 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2000, I de sydligaste sydbokarnas land (In the southern most country for Southern Beeches – New Zealand) Lustgården 2000 Årgång 80, pages 87-92 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2001, Några botaniska skatter från Ussuri (Some botanical treasures from Ussuriland) Lustgården 2001 Årgång 81, pages 109-112 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2001, På jakt efter växter i björnrike (Plant-hunting in the Kuriles bear-land) Lustgården 2001 Årgång 81, pages 93-108 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2003, I sydbokarnas land – en färd genom Patagonien (In the land of most Southern Beeches – Patagonia) Lustgården 2003 Årgång 83, pages 17-36 (English Abstract).

Ridderlöf, S. 2004, Färd i slutet land (Travels in a closed country – North Korea) Lustgården 2004 Årgång 84, pages 87-104 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2009, Intressanta och härdiga ekar i Nordostasien (Interesting & hardy oak-species in North-East Asia) Lustgården 2009 Årgång 89, pages 29-42 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2010, På jakt efter åtråvärda ekar i Nordostasien (Be hunting for desired oaks in North-East Asia) Lustgården 2010 Årgång 90, pages 51-66 (in Swedish).

C. Travel-reports:

Lundeberg, G., Ridderlöf, S., Schildt, G. 1996, Runt Finska viken – botaniska skatter i öster (Botanical treasures around the Finnish Gulf) Lustgården 1996 Årgång 76, pages 83-92 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2006, Södra Finland – besök i parker och arboreta (Visiting parks & arboreta in southern Finland) Lustgården 2006 Årgång 86, pages 113-124 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2009, Naturupplevelser i Patagonien (Nature adventures in Patagonia) Lustgården 2009 Årgång 89, pages 115-126 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S., Stritzke, K. 2010, Intressanta parker i Polen (Some interesting parks & arboreta in Poland) Lustgården 2010 Årgång 90, pages 101-114 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 2012, Bland tempelträdgårdar och berg i Japan (Among Temple Gardens and Mountains in Japan) inkl. Beckman, S. Växtlista Japanresan 2011. Lustgården 2012 Årgång 92, pages 101-111 (in Swedish). Växtlistan 112-114 (Scientific, Swedish & Japanese namnes).

– Ridderlöf, S. 2013, Rhododendron och ovanliga träd i polska arboreta och plantskolor Rhododendron Bladet 2013 Nr 3 pages 11-15 (in Swedish).

– Ridderlöf, S. 2014, Bland rododendron, storkar och herrgårdsparker i Estland Lustgården 2014 Årgång 94, pages 87-94 (in Swedish).

D. Debates and other articles

Ridderlöf, S. 1994 Stockholms träd satta på undantag (The Trees in Stockholm City are neglected) Lustgården 1994 Årgång 74, pages 118-122 (in Swedish).

Ridderlöf, S. 1999 Rara lönnar från Nordostasien (Rare Maples from North-East Asia) Trädbladet Nr 3 Årgång 6 1999, pages 17-19 (in Swedish)

E. Speaches in symposiums

Ridderlöf, S. 2012, Oaks from North-East Asia for Nordic Gardens, Quercus Seminar in Helsinki, Finland Dec 2012, regi Finnish Dendrological Society/Dendrologiska Sällskapet (in English).

– Ridderlöf, S. 2015, Arboretum Lassas Hagar – Ett arboretum i Stockholms skärgård. Seminar in Gävle Sweden April 2015 concerning restoration of Arboretum Valls Hage, regi City of Gävle & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Alnarp). In Swedish.

F. Talks & Lectures

– Many, at least 30-40 for Societies & Clubs of different kind, mostly garden society, botanical garden and travel clubs but also in University.


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