NORDIC ARBORETUM COMMITTEE (NAC) 2015 in Finland 150 150 Sten Ridderlöf

In a well-organized conference some 20 participants from Nordic arboreta discussed intensively the future of the organization. On our list were such crucial questions as targets, participations and financing of NAC. The Swedish delagates pointed out one important task among others to cooperate and inform each other. All are now aware of the serious diseases which occur to a number of important tree-species in the public room. In southern Scandinavia for example Dutch elm disease has killed nearly all older elms, the ash-dieback seriously hurts the population of ashes, bleeding canker on horse chestnut is a threat against the horse chestnut, box blight will reduce the use of boxwood in churchyards and other formal plantations as well as the climate warming will increase the spread of annosum root rot which is tremendously negative for the forest industry. In our arboreta and larger botanical gardens, where maybe a half million trees grow of different species and ages, we certainly find a suitable species alternative and/or hopefully a tree which is more resistent to a certain disease. It is an unbelievable and unique resource our societies do not fully use. Instead we have to collaborate more and systematize the registrations and increase our experiences. That will help our societies to find well-adapted trees for streets, parks and gardens and also increase the general biodiversity. After discussions we visited fine plantations in Kotka harbour, parks and arboreta in Helsinki and Mustila arboretum in Elimäki.


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